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Skånsk Food Guide Ethos
My aim at is provide quality assurance and independent expertise in food tourism, recommending the best of food businesses in Skåne then providing essential contact information.

Scottish Food Guide, est. 2002 and Skånsk in 2010, are the ethical and professional web guides. Readers can trust my personal recommendations safe in the knowledge entry is on merit alone. All enterprises either supply or support local seasonal produce in a sustainable way that is good for our future environment and tastes great too. 

The guide is non-profit making, receives no public funding, carries no extraneous ads, no commissions are charged, and endorsement is free. For every business selected there are many who are not. 

All costs are met from my other food activities and subscriptions from those commended who opt for Full Membership and the benefits thereof. 

The best of Skåne's food outlets come in all shapes and sizes, unsuited to pigeonholing. Elaborate food grading schemes, in my view, too often miss the essence of a place. My approach is to offer well-informed quality assurance endorsement and require only that each entry be amongst the best of its kind, show genuine commitment to fresh Skånsk produce and offer a level of service appropriate to its style of operation.

Most places are independently owned, many are family businesses and all set high standards in hospitality, hygiene and customer care. Menus may be traditional or contemporary but character and flair usually sets them apart. Attention to detail will be much in evidence including thoughtful anticipation of changing attitudes such as vegetarian, health and non-smoking issues.

The handpicked producers and suppliers are skilled artisans and entrepreneurs. Some are small regional producers, others have worldwide distribution, but all have a commitment to being the best of their kind. Like farmers' markets, farm shops and local food festivals they often work in remote rural communities bringing employment, visitors and, above all, fine food to their regions. A secret too well kept for too long.

Successful marketing of food, whether plated or packaged, web wise or otherwise, is an activity calling for a variety of skills, not least the professional photographer and stylist experienced in this aspect of their crafts. The home page food photography and some of the pictures used to enhance these pages are the work of photographers with links on this site.

Eat well - eat Skånsk.

Wendy Barrie

Dip HEc