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spacer Recipes: Valentine Lamb with a Pink Peppercorn Sauce
Contributed By:

Wendy Barrie
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4 valentine cuts lamb chops
1tbsp Summer Harvest Rapeseed oil
1-2tsps pink peppercorns
200mls cream

• If the peppercorns are dried crush them roughly in a mortar and pestle.
• Place chops with oil in a bowl and add a generous pinch of the pink pepper. Ensure all the chops have a light glaze of oil.
• Pre heat dry grill pan.
• Chargrill lamb over a medium high heat for 3-4 minutes per side, seasoning lightly with salt.
• Place chops on tin foil, cover and allow to rest in a warm place for 8 minutes.
• Meanwhile deglaze the pan with cream and add a few more peppercorns (if the peppercorns are pickled rather than dried then add them whole now). Swirl in pan and taste to adjust seasoning. Heat through thoroughly but do not boil un-necessarily.
• Set 2 chops on each warmed plate and surround with sauce.
This is lovely served with roasted vegetables. For a non dairy alternative, chargrill and serve with Henshelwoods Apple Mint Jelly.

Roasted Vegetables
Approx 400g assorted vegetables selected from the following…carrots/potatoes/ shallots/ courgettes/ fennel/ mushrooms
Freshly milled salt and pepper
A few sprigs of rosemary
A generous drizzle of Summer Harvest Rapeseed oil

• Pre heat oven 200 C/ Gas 6.
• Prepare vegetables by washing and peeling as appropriate.
• Cut vegetables into bite-sized chunks or wedges and place in ovenproof dish/tray.
• Drizzle with oil, seasoning and herbs.
• Roast uncovered for 15mins until tender, depending on thickness of chunks.
Serve with grilled meats. This can be done in advance and quickly reheated.