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spacer Recipes: Pot of Beef with Herby Dumplings
Contributed By:

Wendy Barrie
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450g Scottish round steak, cut into cubes- check out the website for your nearest farm shop, butcher or mail order Scottish beef)
Flour for tossing
1 onion, finely chopped
Light pinch salt
Freshly milled pepper
1 bottle (500mls) local beer
100g shitake mushrooms, trimmed (halved if large)
A few sprigs thyme

For dumplings
175g Flour
Light pinch salt
A generous handful of chopped parsley
3 tsps Baking powder
Approx 125mls milk

Heat oil and sauté onion in a heavy based pan.
Meanwhile toss beef in seasoned flour – inside a freezer bag works well.
Seal meat in pan – in batches if you have the time but it’s not essential.
Pour over beer and stir to make sure there is no meat sticking to base of pan.
Add remaining ingredients.
Cover and transfer to a medium oven or simmer on the hob for 45mins.
Top up with a little water as necessary to prevent drying out.
To make herby dumplings:
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.
Add milk, mixing with a knife until the dough comes cleanly away from the sides of the bowl – similar to a scone dough.
Take a dessertspoonful and roll into a ball. Repeat with remaining mix.
When beef is cooked, place dumplings on surface.
Replace lid and steam for 10mins. Lift off lid for a final
Serves 4

Excerpt from Pots Pans and Pixels by WB, photo by Alan Donaldson