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spacer Recipes: Medley of Seafood with Dill & Chive Sauce
Contributed By:

Wendy Barrie
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225g salmon fillet
225g monkfish fillet
8 fresh scallops
8 clams
4 crayfish
15mls rapeseed oil
25g butter
Freshly milled salt & pepper
1 tsp pink & green peppercorns
1sm glass dry white wine
150mls cream/half fat crème fraiche
1tblspss each of dill & chives
Flat leafed parsley to garnish

Prepare the seafood prior to cooking, trimming any skin from salmon & monkfish, & cut into cubes. Clams should be checked to see shells are closed & rinsed in cold water, pulling off any beard, weed /sand. The scallops can be sliced horizontally, leaving the coral with one half. Pierce the coral with the tip of a knife to prevent it bursting on cooking.
Heat butter & oil in pan & lightly sauté salmon & monkfish first for 2-3mins, turning to achieve a golden colour. Add scallops for final 2 mins cooking time to ensure they do not overcook. Remove seafood from pan & keep hot.
Meanwhile cook crayfish & clams by plunging crayfish into boiling water for 3 mins whilst clams steam above. Discard any clams that have not opened on cooking.
Quickly deglaze sauté pan with cream, wine & flavourings. Stir to reduce for a moment. Divide seafood between heated 4 plates. Pour over sauce & garnish.
Delicious with crusty bread.
Serves 4.